Trinità dei Monti

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Trinità dei Monti is an independent Think Tank based in Rome, Italy. It was de facto founded by Pierluigi Testa in February 2012.

It is an independent discussion group which meets at the foot of the Spanish Steps in Rome on a monthly basis with a view to gaining further insight into topical issues regarding economics, financial markets, banking as well as the Italian and the European politics. There is an active participation of expert speakers from public authorities, the banking world, enterprises, and universities. The group is composed of more than 400 members (50 of whom are founding members) who are willing to make themselves available to public authorities in order to generate greater trust in the country and in its potential and to relaunch its economy.


Since February 2012 the ‘Trinità dei Monti’ Think Tank has organized a series of institutional meetings with a general view to promoting positive economic, business, banking and financial culture as well as fostering such culture in the course of time in order to instil confidence in the public bodies and to create a large pool of skills for the current and future establishment.

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