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IndraStra Global (also known as IndraStra, or IGNY) is a publishing house based out of New York in the United States [1]. The company specialized into digital publishing, digital content distribution, designing and implementation of Integrated library system (ILS) / Library management system (LMS), and custom knowledge repositories such as DSpace, Open Journal Systems (OJS-PKP) and MediaWiki.


The publishing house was established in the year 2015 as an extension to thirty-year-old copy and printing business of Upper West Side Copy Inc. Initially, it started as a news publishing website riding over the Google News ecosystem including Google Play Newsstand. Gradually, it ventured into other forms of digital publishing such as books/ebooks, eLearning reference materials, and multimedia products.



  • Founded in New York with the launch of an online news portal.


  • A semantic mapping project was initiated to map all-type publication metadata of its portals.
  • In phase 1, the IndraStra's engineering team worked with OpenCalais and in phase 2, it switched over to open schema-based structured data format due to its wide acceptability among the search engines.


  • Launched Zenodo-based open access repository [2]- registered with the Registry of Open Access Repositories [3]
  • Included in Asian Development Bank Institute's three-year rolling year work program (2018-2020) as one of the regional media outlets [4].


  • Launched Six book imprints with an accreditation system, hosted on an open badge framework.
  • Launched a portal based on MediaWiki software[5], as an internal referencing site for its various publications.


IndraStra maintains 6 book imprints which are based out of United States.

  • IndraStra Global
  • IGNY Whitepapers
  • IndraStra OpenAccess
  • QykRead by IndraStra
  • IndraStra Originals
  • IndraStra Papers

Journals and Periodicals

  • IndraStra Global
  • IndraStra India Edition
  • The Dossier by IndraStra


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